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okay, so me and this girl have been best friends for a really long time, and about a month ago my boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me, then about a week ago, my "best friend" started liking, and talking to my ex. but my ex wants to get with me again. i love her to death, but i'm really not over this guy yet... friends, or boyfriends?
posted by elle on 3/19/2008 @2:52:22 PM •
Well, first of all, I think it's a little shady for your best friend to date one of your exs. I think she would understand though if you dated him again. I think you have more of a right to. And you say he wants you back, too, so I don't see how it would work between them anyway. If she's a good friend, she'll understand..if not, then maybe she wasn't as good of a friend that you thought she was.
posted by Molly (age 18) on 3/20/2008
OK In the non-existent Friendship rule book, your friend is breaking one of the top ten rules!! NEVER date someone or get close to someone your best friend has dated. There are some stipulations, like after 5 years its ok ....stuff like that. BUt on the other hand you need to be mad at her. Give her an example of how she would feel if u dated someone she liked or dated. good luck
posted by Felicia (age 23) on 3/27/2008

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