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"Oh No."
Me and my boyfriend have a weirdly magnetic relationship.. we were both kinda drawn to one another in the weirdest way... i am head over heels in love with him and he seems crazy about me too.. everyone says we are perfect together and he wants to spend all his time with me.. im a little confused though by something i said tonight and his reaction..
Me: "Have you ever felt like something was just right... perfect in everyway, and nothing else in the world could make you happier? Or am I just crazy?"
Him: "What do you mean right?"
Me:"you know... perfect. complete... ya know what? Nevermind. Im silly lol."
Him: "no, i know what you mean."
me: "oh"

Idk.. im so confused, i feel like he was letting me down easy.. and im so scared im going to lose him. he has my heart 100% completely. =[ omg. what do i do? what did he mean?!
posted by AntsyPants (age 19) on 3/19/2008 @9:25:46 PM •
i'm a guy, and i can speak for all of us when i say this: we're dumb. chances are, he has no idea you were even talking about the two of you and your relationship. if you want to know something from a guy, you have to just ask. directly. otherwise, he may not know you're looking for a paricular response. we're all pretty goofy, and we rarely know when you're hinting about stuff...
posted by jon on 3/20/2008
yeah seriously it probably went over his head what you were talking about. us girls can think a little more complex than guys can ha ha but seriously.
posted by sarah (age 19) on 3/20/2008
calm down a little. roll with it. some people are afraid of being serious. it's nothing im sure.... just take it slower and i think you'll be alright.
posted by brian (age 21) on 3/20/2008
lol antsypants - u poor thing worrying yourself silly

i read this about 5 times and it seems to me ( from what you wrote ) that he is agreeing with you about feeling something is "just right and perfect"

dont fret hun :-D
posted by Lois (age 20) on 3/20/2008

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