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"My friend's sister."
Now, I'm a guy who sticks to guy-code, and I'd do anything for my dudes, but, lately I've been having strong feelings for one of my best friends who I see as a brother to me. I've always thought she was a good looking chick, no one would ever disagree with me on that, and she's a really cool person to be with. I just know that my friend is overly protective of her, just like the rest of her family ... I know there's something between us, we're always all over each other, and flirting, but usually when no one else is around. I'm afraid that I would lose both friendships and I don't want that to happen.
posted by Ian (age 19) on 3/20/2008 @7:39:52 PM •
I say talk to her and if she agrees, go for something. And in the end, if it doesn't work out and your relationship doesn't last in the romantic and friendship sense, maybe you guys weren't so great of friends in the first place.
posted by Sara on 3/20/2008
yeah... you gotta stick to that guy-code. but asking your friend wouldn't be breaking the code. he might freak out a little at first, but if he trusts you, i'd say he'll get over the protectivness of the whole thing. just if he does let you through the gate, i wouldn't do her wrong. that'll be some bad news...
posted by jason on 3/20/2008
i think you should probably ask your friend first i had the same problem. i wanted to date my bf' brother but i thought that it would be wrong bcuz it was her older brother. but if you ask first i think that it might be ok then.
posted by Donna (age 19) on 3/26/2008

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