relationship advice (post new situation)
my bf and i have been together for close to 2 years. i love him deeply and we constantly talk and dream of marriage and kids - the whole shebang

well august of 06 he joined the police academy but had to drop out due to health and hasn't worked since! of course he had like 2 or 3 jobs over the course of time but they only lasted a couple of weeks on average..

i know he tries to get a job and i know he does his best... but its really stressing me out paying for everything - we live paycheck to paycheck constantly

idk if its due to the recession or what is going on....

what should i do??
posted by Lois (age 20) on 3/20/2008 @7:40:42 PM •
i was in the same situation... and its hard because if that's the only problem with your relationship (he treats you well and your generally happy) its hard to say something about it... but you have to. the bottom line is he's being lazy, and maybe if he knows it bother you, he will shape up. relationships are about shared responsibility and the stress will kill you if you continue to carry it all on your own. tell him. i hope everything works out for you!
posted by kristen (age 22) on 3/20/2008
yeah, sometimes it's laziness, but... sometimes it could be kind of a depression thing. when you have your heart set on something like being an officer, when it doesn't work out, it can be really devastating. you should do your best to encourage him. maybe help him find other types of jobs that serve people. or help him to find a regular job, and suggest he volunteers at the fire department. just whatever it is you suggest, let him know he's no less of a man for not being a police officer...
posted by jon on 3/20/2008

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