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"help! i dont know who to be with!"
alright, so my problem is a little hard to explain...but here it goes. i dated justin for about ten months, but i fell in love with another guy and broke up with justin. now, you probobly think im a **** for doing that, but the boy i fell in love with is alot like me in soo many way. for one thing, his birthday is june 3rd while mine is december 3rd! but, me and the boy i fell in love with (seth), never got together, and he somehow vanished out of my life. but every time i saw him since then, id fall back in love with him. but after another year, i got back together with justin. we lasted yet another good long ten months, but i called it off because of our constant fighting and i couldnt stand how justin had cheated on me 4 times with the same girl! but in less than a month after the break up, me and my best friend tani went into seths work, and he was litterally glowing, and i couldnt take my eyes off him for a second. i said hi to him, then left in a hurry because i felt so stupid. but as soon as i said, "tani...i wish i could see him one last time." tani ran back into his work and made him come outside!! i felt incredibly dumb, but seth decited he wanted to hang out sometime during the week and i agreed. the very next day, seth texted me asking to hang out and we hung out that night. we got drunk, cuddled, and i was back to square one...i was in love with him again. only this time, he was in love with me as well! he always wanted to hang out, and even told tani he likes me alot and wants to have a relationship with me. so whats the problem? well, my ex justin is SO in love with me. and i still love him, just...not in THAT way. i see justin basically every day, but...i never see seth. its been 2 months since me and seth started having "a thing", and he hardly ever finds time to see me. but recently, i kissed seth for the first time, and it was amazing. basically, im in love with seth. but i love justin. my best friend tells me to stay with seth because she knows how poorly justin treated me, but a part of me says to go back to justin..i just dont know what to do! helpppp?! i need advice!
posted by Sarah (age 18) on 3/20/2008 @8:27:12 PM •
Definitely stick with Seth. You may love Justin, but not in the way that you want to be with him anymore. Seth seems like fun. After being with Justin a lot, I bet that you're really glad when you get surprised by what you find. And plus, cheating is NEVER ok, and by you letting him keep cheating on you and staying with him, he knows that there's something he can do to make you fall for him and forgive him. That's just not right. I've seen it happen before, and it's not pretty. You will get hurt over and over and he's just going to find more ways to make everything better. That's emotional abuse. Seth really seems like something special, especially if you fall in love with him every time you see him. Or maybe it's not really love. Do what your heart tells you to do. Chances are, if you don't love him in "that way," you're better off giving Seth a chance.
posted by Sara on 3/20/2008

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