relationship advice (post new situation)
Ok so my boyfriend has been pulling really sketchy ****.. and in 2005 he cheated on me for a year straight. i cant seem to get out of this situation. tell me how?!
posted by britt (age 18) on 3/20/2008 @9:55:00 PM •
If it were me, I'd just end it, because cheating is the ultimate relationship killer, because obviously he didn't care enough about you, otherwise, it wouldn't have happened.
posted by dave (age 18) on 3/20/2008
Break up with him, moron. Cheated on you for a year straight in '05? Why are you still with him? He's pulling that mess because he thinks you're stupid and you'll stick around when he does you wrong. And you've been playing to fool way too long.
posted by Nicole (age 21) on 3/21/2008

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