relationship advice (post new situation)
"in love with my best friend?"
well, heres the deal, this girl, that i like very much, happens to be my best friend, and we've been friends for the past year or so, and just recently she was home for spring break (her school is 2.5~3 hours away). so we decided to you know hang out or whatever, which ended up being back at my place watching a movie and cuddling, and some kissing, but see, heres the kicker, shes had a boyfriend for the past 6 months or so, but all she ever did was complain about him, and he broke up with her the day after we hung out.

she was kinda bummed out about the break-up, and I'm trying to be the understanding friend, but i see a genuine oppurtunity here, which sounds kinda horrible accyually, but the thing is I think I might be madly in love with this girl, but i'm so very confused, I told her that i really like her, and we talked about it, and decided we should be just friends for now, so i guess ill just have to wait it out, but at the same time, she said i should come spend a weekend with her. I really love this girl and i don't want to mess any of this up, but at the same time, i don't want to miss what could be a great oppurtunity, i cant get her out of my head, anyone ever had a situation like this?
posted by dave (age 19) on 3/20/2008 @10:36:34 PM •
Let it go. That's probably the best advice I can give you. 1. relationships screw up friendships, expecialy serious ones. You MIGHT be able to date her for the next 2 years and then break up with an understanding that it's niether of your faults, but doubtful. 2. If she's not feeling the same way you do she'll probably get creeped out and you'll end p losing her friendship that way. Which is probably worse. I know it's hard to ignore feelings you have for someone, it's never easy. But sometimes it's best.
posted by Nicole (age 21) on 3/21/2008

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