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"trust issues."
to make a long story short when i was about 13 i had a bf ryan who i dated for almost 2 years and i really grew to love him. However he used to beat me. And after about 10 months of that i decided that i no matter how much i loved him i needed to erase him completely from my life. So i moved in with my mother and sister and just lost all contact with him. Ever since him i've had a hard time trusting guys, which is why i never really got close to anyone who liked me or i liked. Well a few months ago i started hanging out with this kid jay who i just met but he was my best friends boyfriends best friend. well, he got me a bear for valentines day only it was a day late but its the thought that counts. Well one night some friends and i went to jays house for a party and we were flirting and i spent the night. I for the first time in a while felt like i could trust him, because he reminded me so much of ryan only he treated me better. Now i asked my frieds bf if jay was a good guy because i didnt want to get into anything that was for fun, he told me jay was a good guy. Well for the nest 2 weeks after the party jay and i would txt and he would call me valentine and tell me that he wanted to get to know me better so i didnt think he was a scumbag. Well turns out after all te cute/nice txt messages all he really wanted was to be friends with benefits, which i am completely against. And then it got to the point where i told jay i would be friends with benefits just so it wouldnt feel like i was losing someone i love all over again. Because losing ryan was the hardest thing i have ever had to do so far in life. But then my best friend reassured me that jay was a douche bag and wasnt worth my time. I dont think i could trust another guy because jay was like the 2ed chance and he ruined it. I dont know if i'll be able to trust someone like that again. I guess what im getting at is, get to know someone before well before you do anything with them because its not just guys who do stuff like this, girls do it to. I dont know if this will help any of you but i hope it does.
posted by Angela (age 18) on 3/21/2008 @7:02:05 AM •
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