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"what should i do?"
everyone tells me that they think my bf is cheating and he has once, (that i kno of) yet he thinks he did nothing wrong, he cheated on a wed. and broke up with me on sunday, yet he still thinks he did nothing wrong, and found someway to put the blame on me, he always accuses me of cheating...i love him soo much and if i ask him he tells me he would never do that to me and things but sometimes he lies about things and i kno its a lie but i dont let him kno i kno...what should i do i love him too much to leave him, ive tried i cant forget about him..but if i bring it up it causes a HUGE arguement and we usually end up breakin up, what should i do?
posted by heather (age 19) on 3/21/2008 @10:06:41 AM •
Hey i kno what you are goin through. What i think you should do is sit down with him and ask him in a calm way if he would do that again. But if he has already done it once hes jus going to keep doing it. You need to ask yourself Do i want to be with someone that cheats on me and then puts the blame on me? If a guy cheats on you it's just going to keep happening and then your going to regret it later in life. So what i would do is tell him that if he doesnt streightin up then your going to leave him. I kno its hard to leave someone that you really love but later your going to be happyer. It might take some time but you'll be better off with out him.
posted by kk on 3/28/2008

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