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"i need help plzzz"
ok well theres this guy and hes a really good friend of mine and we fool around and stuff hes my best guy friend and he has benifits but well in the summer i fell in love wit him but so did my best friend and she was the one that got him and she was like his bf but they didnt go out and they did everything with eachother but sex. and he ended it with her and she yelled at him and stuff but they dont talk anymore and well he kissed me and i didnt stop him and one thing led to another but we didnt have sex he would never nor i and we still fool around till this day but im not sure if he likes me or i like him my sister think we should go out but we cant b.c. its not leagle and so do a few of my other friends b.c. were always together and stuff and my sis is the only one that knows what happens between us. and my best friend still kinda likes him and she keeps telling me shes gonna be single for the summer b.c. she thinks shes gonna fool around with him again and we both fooled around wit the same guy and he kinda played us both idk what to do me and her always likes the same guys but im not to sure if i really like him and if he did really like me he cant do anything about it b.c. his bestfriend likes me but i dont like him help me plzzz some tell me what to do
posted by cassy (age 16) on 3/21/2008 @4:57:24 PM •
well if your friends the one that had him you shouldn't fool around with him yes you fooled with him first but thats wrong you don't want her seconds. if you don't know if you like this guys then what are you doing? your friend said she was goning to stay single incase him and her fool around again. you should just stay away from this guy he is playing you both and niether of you should hang out with someone like that. and if your friend knew you messed with him she isn't really a friend.
posted by Donna (age 19) on 3/26/2008
hmmm well cassy kinda has a point but if he played you both and is still gonna then leave his ass but if you wanna stay with him and hes not gonna play you then thats really up to you but you are still betraying your friend but if you liked him first then she kinda did the same but you gotta ask your self is he really worth you dont have to stop being friends with him but you should stop messing around with him b.c. if you do like him you will get her set your eyes on another guy
posted by dee (age 17) on 3/29/2008

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