life advice (post new situation)
I live life with out expectin' **** to happen. Why? Because to me if you expect ****, you'll get jus that **** in return. Now by not expectin' nethin you: leave erythin open for somethin. Like say YOur at a party...what does eryone there think:"I may get laid tanight"...hmm a good thought goin through the whole crowd....we're all on the smae page ok ok...not me I sit back analyze the sitiation....then i go up and start talkin to however i can read as of a few minutes of studyin...and it alwaz works out and thats my advice for this it also ties to relationships but it doesnt look up my articles on here to see for yourself.
posted by Fredy B (age 20) on 3/22/2008 @12:29:58 PM •
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