relationship advice (post new situation)
well you see i wasnt dating this boy
but we were together like having sex
and we have been really serious for like 4 months now
and i deff. love him ALOT.
but we always fight and he tells me he hates me
so is it wrong to just wanna be friends with him and thats it?
posted by Nina on 3/22/2008 @7:24:16 PM •
Every time you have sex with someone, you create a bond and feelings towards them. I know this because I am in the same spot as you. But I have come to terms with that sometimes its best just to leave things the way they are and accept that. So really, you care for him but if hes saying that he doesn't want anything more so I wouldn't push him.
posted by Brittni (age 18) on 3/23/2008
It is very true that everytime you have sex you give a little piece of your heart away. After 4 mos you may or may not really love this guy and sex always puts a cloud over a girl's eyes. You think that if you are having sex with this guy that he will stay with you and he loves you. However that isn't the case and if this guy you are dating is telling you that he hates you do you really want to be with someone like that? Really ask yourself that. Be careful who you date because you might end up married to him. You asking on here if it is ok to just be friends with the guy should give you your answer. Be friends but no sex. That is only going to keep him saying those things but using you as well.
posted by Danielle (age 20) on 3/24/2008

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