relationship advice (post new situation)
My bf told me he wants to be the father of my children.We've been talking about it for a little while and i still don't kno. Im still in high school but i think i could handle a kid. Im just not sure on what i should do.
posted by becky on 12/19/2007 @9:46:30 PM •
I have one word for you: WAIT. Everything is crazy in high school. No matter what you think, you don't really know who you are yet, because you have been forced to live your life based on other people's rules and expectations. You need some time to figure yourselves out and make sure it's really what you both want. Also, it isn't fair to the baby to bring it into the world before you have a steady job and enough money to support it correctly. Wait a few years. If your boyfriend is worth his salt, he'll stick around. If he isn't, then you just avoided making a huge mistake.
posted by Patrick on 12/20/2007

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