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"i want to be with him."
Ok, so i have this guy friend that i have been friends with for a while now and i met him through a friend and i feel for him, we have had a thing for a while now, the thing is that he is moving to Fargo now and i dont know what to do im going to be lost without him seriously i will be, i just want to know if the better thing would be to just stop talking to him all together i think i might be in love with him so it might be hard to let him go but if its for the best im willing to do it. please someone just help me.
posted by katelyn on 3/24/2008 @5:34:21 PM •
Hopefully what i tell you can help you, You do not just want to stop talking to him because itll probably hurt more, and you will always have him on your mind. If you think you are in love with him, and he feels the same way try to make it a long distance relationship, ive seen some work due to both sides working on it and trying to keep it going because they both loved each other. Then when ever you guys are old enough you can move in together lol, but this is where trust falls into place because you do not know if he will cheat or anything else so you both will have to trust each other and not really question the other one. So what im trying to say is to keep him as a friend or a boyfriend and do not let him go, if you guys have a form to communicate it should work. I'm trying to talk from experience but the way mine happned was like the opposite of this lol. So hopefully what i said helped you in some form.
posted by Samuel (age 19) on 3/26/2008

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