relationship advice (post new situation)
"hoping he still loves me."
so my boyfriend of 2 years moved out of state and decided that it would be best for us to be single rather than make the long distance relationship work. It's killing me being away from him and on top of that not even "together" any more. He says that he needs to get his life together on his own and that i should focus on my schooling. so we're trying the "just friends route" and some times i feel like when we are talkin on the phone we're still together and i get even more upset cus we're not. now he's telling me that he's gone on a few dates just getting to know this girl elizabeth, but they're not in a relationship.... it took so much for me not to start balling over the phone with him b/c i still love him and dont want him with anyone else. I've already told him exactly how i feel and he seems to understand but idk what to do. i hate just sitting back and waiting for him and hope he comes back to me. i know i have to sound desparate but i love him.
posted by Andrea (age 20) on 3/24/2008 @8:18:29 PM •
I think it was a smart move breaking it off.
I also think he's right to say you need to focus on your schooling.
I do think that it also may be best to limit your talking to him. maybe once or twice a week. Otherwise it'll just be poking an open wound.
I mean obviously it'll be hard and yes it'll be painfull to wonder what he's doing with who but, it happens. People come apart. sometimes even when your right next to them.

Don't let him/this consume you though. Kick back, relax and enjoy the times.
posted by Derek (age 19) on 3/25/2008

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