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"friend zone"
I have a really good friend that i have known her for about 15years (I'm 18 and so is she). I am going to ask her to prom. But I want to be more than friends. We are both attending the same college next year. I was wondering if being this good of friends would be bad if I made a move on her.
posted by Stephen AKA Woody (age 18) on 3/25/2008 @9:10:41 PM •
It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. My boyfriend of almost 6 months was my bestttt friend growing up and it's been a very great 5 (almost 6) months. We can be ourselves around each other more than most couples because we have been great friends for so long. But, if she rejects you (hopefully she won't) then it might hurt the relationship you two already have. So, if that happens then I would still try to be her friend and eventually things will get abck to normal. :)
posted by Kirby on 3/26/2008
I will tell you that it could go both ways you never know. It depends on whta kind of friends. Are the kind that can listen when she needs somebody and she hangs out with or are you the kind of friends where you spend every second that you could. That she asks you for things and knows that you wouldn't have a problem with slow dancing together in the middle of the mall for no reason at all If you are the second type then don't push it.i will tell you from experience that she would want you as a friend more than boyfriend.
posted by Tiffany (age 19) on 3/27/2008

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