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"what if"
i like a girl and she knows i do but i cant bring my self around to ask her out. cuz im a lil bit sketchy about the relation ship thing now cuz the last 2 i have had i have gotten ****ed over.. i hang out with her and talk to her and everything its just that lil problem thats in my way. i like her more than she knows.
posted by cory (age 20) on 3/26/2008 @5:49:48 PM •
ok c whats happeneing here is ur scared of getting hurt again so ur putting up a wall..trsut me i do the same thing.. any ways ur gonna have to take tht wall down and just go for it... i mean if u really like her as much as u say u do then show at..u dont have to tell her how u feel about her right off the batt.. u cant be scared.. because honestly if u keep this wall up ur not going to get no where with her.. i was the same way and i took that wall down and i was with my ex for 5 years.. i moved away so we broke up.. but u have to trust urself and take that protective wall down.. i no ur going to want to keep it up but if u look at it this way its the only thing thts keeping u from whats goign to make u happy
posted by LaNae (age 18) on 3/27/2008
Cory..No 2 people are alike. I think you should go ahead and ask this girl out. You may be letting "the one" slip away because of the mistakes of the last 2 had made. If it works out ..absolutely terrific. If is indeed a learning process. Which is what life is all about. You never really do stop learning and experiencing ;)
posted by Empress (age 41) on 3/27/2008

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