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"me and him"
ok so theres this boy and i really like him and he knows it but he has a girlfriend. we used to talk but we stopped beacuse he plaed games between me and his ex girlfriend who i go to school with..he shows that he has feeligns for me and hes always saying such cute things and it sucks knowing that i can have him. i dont no if i should wait for him or let him go.
posted by LaNae (age 18) on 3/26/2008 @8:09:45 PM •
Hey hopefully what i say will help you. I would have to say to let him go because he is probably just lusting, not to be mean or cruel or anything, but you might wanna stay away from these kinds of guys, he has a girlfriend but he is flirting with you for a few certain reasons, probably because you are very gorgeous, or he thinks he can get things from you =X. You have to ask your self at times would you really want to date someone that was dating someone and flirting with other people while he was going out with someone? because what if he left his girlfriend for you then started to do the same thing he was doing before he met you really. You would just get hurt in the long run, so id have to say find someone that is single, and that is loyal lol. I know its kinda hard now a days to find a decent guy but there are still some out there =).
posted by Samuel (age 19) on 3/26/2008

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