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"Bipolar mother..."
Ever since I was about 6 or 7 my mom has been verbally abusive. She has said everything from "You are lazy", "You are a mistake, one night of fun I should have never had", "You are a bad mother", "You are a B!tch" and alot of things like that. It hasn't always been like this but we have never really had a relationship. We do occastionally say I love you but we never hug, kiss or ever touch at all. I do believe she thinks I am worthless by the things she says. I know it's not true but for the moment it does hurt. Even my dad has called me stupid and a b!tch. My brother (who molested me as a child) does it too. But that story is in here too. I hate it and they all gang up on me. Its so bad that I am goin to move to get awake from it.. I live with them for now. I hate what they have made our family into.. its not even a family.
posted by Lindsay (age 19) on 3/26/2008 @9:36:41 PM •

I myself was raised with an evil and uncaring parent. My situation was a little different than yours as my Mother was a great and loving person, unfortunately she passed away almost two years ago and we're left with the father that never cared for us.

The best advice that I can give you is know that you are NOT worthless and you are the only person that break the chain. Get out of this situation and take control of your life. I ran away at 17 and lived on the streets for a period of time. No, this is not what I suggest you do, but I am saying that you need to get out of this misery your in. Do you have a grandmother/aunt or friend that you can stay with? Don't spend one more minute letting these people tear you down and abuse you. I have 3 sisters and a brother. I see that they still suffer greatly because of the way we were treated. I refuse to give my power over to this person that never did anything for his family except abuse and terrify us. My childhood was terrible and I would never wish what I went through on anyone. You are broken. You can never be fixed until you take your life back.

You are in my prayers. I hope the very best for you.

God Bless!!
posted by Darlene (age 41) on 3/27/2008
Hi Lindsay people say mean and hurtful things that they cant take back weather they mean it or not thats their mistake you havent done nothing wrong you have 2 make urself better then them its gonna be hard and take alot of work but if u are really serious bout not wanting to be like them you can do it sweetheart
posted by country girl (age 20) on 3/27/2008

I had a similar situtation with my parents. My mother left when i was 5 and then came back into my life when i was 12 then left when i turned 13 and she wouldn't show me any attention the only reason she came back into my life was so she could get custody of my older brother and leave me and my twin sister behind. So then i was left with My father and he would always sexually, verbally, and physically abuse us (so much that i had to go to counseling for help) and the only thing i could think of was to get out of the house and live with somebody i knew. My parents did not have the best of parents either so i just moved in with one of my friends parents at the age of 15 and later i got a waitress job and now i go to college at Jacksonville, so moving out has really changed my life. If i was still living with my father i know he would tell me that i was wasting my time in college and that i wouldn't succeed.

So i suggest you to move out, live with someone that you can fully trust like maybe a relative or like me some friend's parents. You really don't deserve to be treated that way.

Hoped i helped :)
posted by Nina (age 19) on 3/29/2008

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