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"husband in iraq"
Ok so january of this year he left for iraq and coming back mid january 09. Since then ive changed alot, im alot more independent and i always seem busy and never around anymore. I do love him, dont get me wrong but with him thousands of miles away and me changing we seem emotionally distant. After R&R in september this year im leaving for boot camp (US army) and will be be even less of me that what i was when he left. How can we both udjust to all these changes? I dont want to lose him because we wont try to adjust after 1 deployment because theyre is many more to come.
posted by Lauren (age 18) on 3/27/2008 @6:17:54 AM •
Kk i have a solution to this problem, lol im leaving for the US army infantry on april 8th lol, but check this out, If you join and you still do lvoe him their is a way you both can get stationed to the same places, i forgot what it was called. I can ask my stepdad later since he is military retired, he was telling me about it a long time ago, but do not let something like this break away true love, just go with it and everything will work out specially if you both try to put in to get stationed at the same places =/ lol i dont think this helped you out much but i have alot of stuff going on atm, lol so hopefully it helped a little.
posted by Samuel (age 19) on 3/27/2008

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