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"plz help"
Ok ive been with this guy who is also my daughter's father for 4yrs he harldy ever helps me with her he would rather go 4 wheeling everytime he gets a chance and this girl we kno summer alwayz has 2 go with him i had asked him not to spend as much time with summer as he was doing and we started fighting becuz he thought i was accusing him of sleeping with her then one night he was out until 4 in the morning and this girl is saying that they had sex that night i dont kno if they did or not he says he didnt sleep with her but her ex bf that she was trying to get back with didnt like mike and summer didnt like me so i dont know if they are jus trying to start crap but when i start 2 believe him something else pops up and we start fighting again i dont want to leave him cuz i love him with all my heart but if he did cheat on me then i dont want to be with him cuz i dont wanna live my life up happy jus someone plz help me iam so confused and very depressed right now
posted by country girl (age 20) on 3/27/2008 @8:27:29 AM •
I think you should ask him to stay home once in a while and help you with your daughter. He also has to take responsibility for her not only you. But anyway about the whole other girl you need to sit down with him and talk to him about it and tell him how you feel when he is with her and that you need him. But what i think you should do to find out weither if hes cheating on you or not is ask someone that you kno really well who you kno wont lie to you and find out from them. I hope this works GOOD LUCK!
posted by kk on 3/28/2008
ok well i know what you mean. I love to go 4wheelin and muddin but i dont do that with other girls. When me and my ex were together she used to get mad if i even talked to another girl. Im no cheater but she would accuse me when we would get into fights. She actually did cheat on me and we broke up for good becuz of it. I loved her with all my heart. Tell him to choose you or her. If he chooses her then **** him. I understand that part of him is also apart of you seeing as ya'll have a kid together. You might just have to let him go. It'll hurt but it might be whats best for you. If you wanna e-mail me its ncv2007~AT~****
posted by Nick (age 19) on 3/30/2008

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