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the school i go to is all about money if you dont where abercrombie your not cool. and the thing is everyone fits in to he clique except me and the other cliques are so wierd and i really want to fit in i just cant find a place
posted by kelsey on 3/27/2008 @10:14:20 AM •
I also came from a very clique school, I finally learned it was much better to be an idividual than join a herd. I did have offbeat friends, but if someone doesn't want to be my friend just because of my clothes, then I wouldn't want them to be my friend anyways. Alot of kids are just shallow and egotistical, I suggesting finding a more spiritual approach to getting through the sludge of school.
posted by Devan (age 19) on 3/27/2008
You gotta stay strong. Building up character takes a long time, but be who you are and respect others for who they are, even if you don't like that they judge by money or clothes. If you keep on loving them, despite who you think they are, and you keep being yourself and respecting yourself, they will start to respect and accept you, just as you respect and accept them. Good Karma :)
posted by Adam (age 18) on 3/30/2008
i never fit into any clique at school its important to be yourself as i say its better to be loved for who you are then who you pretending to be because if you pretend to be someone your not then they dont like you they like fakeness wheres the point in that if the whole schools like that then **** em all find friends outside of there and get some friends outside and after school go kick back with them
posted by mel on 3/31/2008
“Life's not about fitting in; it's about standing out”.

All you can really do is just be yourself. Eventually you'll meet some people who don't fit into a certain clique either and you'll realize your better off not limiting yourself to just one label or one certain group of friends.

Don't worry about what everyone else is doing or who's the cool crowd to hang out with. Like I said, just be yourself and you'll realize your much better off that way.

posted by Chrissy (age 17) on 4/1/2008

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