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"Things Are Getting Old."
so my name is jessica, and i have been dating this guy for about 3 years now, and hes my first love and my first real relantionship. Hes 21 and i just turned 18 in november, and i am a out going fun wild girl, but i dont go out to the bars and **** like that but i am a very flirty girl and i have alot of guy friends well since i started dating him i lost alot of people (friends) becuase he doesnt like my friends but yet i still talk to them all the time but dont hang out with them becuase he doesent want me to and i miss them. and being with him its like the same old stuff over and over again and it just gets old and i want something new but i know it would break his heart and it would break mine if we were seprated becuase i love him but i just wanna have more fun but i dunno i love him family i am really close with them i just feel like if i break things off with him i would be totally lost without him becuase i see him and do things with him everyday but yet i wanna go out and hang out with all my other friends and he gets real jelous if i talk to another guy so plese help me out

posted by Jessica on 3/27/2008 @1:56:33 PM •
What i think you should do is tell him how you feel. Tell him that you need to hang out with your friends and need your own space sometimes. If you respect what he does and his friends then at least he can give you the same respect that you give him. But when you tell him, tell him in a calm way and ask him to respect your feelings about the whole situation.
posted by kk on 3/28/2008

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