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So my best friend in the whole wide world is in a horrible relationship... Her boy friend is verbally and mentally abusive to her. And he does it in front of me so I could only imagine how bad he treats her when no one is there. She has curfews and can't hang out with anyone he doesn't like. She cant have any guys numbers in her phone, and if he sees her talking even to a gay guy he flips out on her. Ive tried to help her in every way i can. On day I was locked out side of her house while they had a two hour argument and he broke everything she owned I had to call the cops to break up the fight because he was strangling her. Then after that I was banned from seeing her or talking to her but we still do anyways but he wont talk to me. I just want to kill him! But some how she still loves him and wants to marry him! I'm out of ways to help her end this relationship... She wont listen to me anymore and it makes me cry...
posted by Brittni (age 19) on 3/27/2008 @8:38:30 PM •
you cant do anything else... she will wake up and realize that she needs to get away from him. she just has to do it in her own time. just be there for her. if she know's theres people there for her and that can help her when she leaves, she will probably do it faster... good luck!
posted by Shae on 3/30/2008

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