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okay... i wasn't really a good child and now my little brother is following my footsteps. He has seen where my choices have led me in life and still he won't straighten up!!! I have changed some of my lifestyle choices hoping to set a good example however, he hasn't seemed to notice the changes i've made. What should i do to futher encourage him into a better life?
posted by amy (age 18) on 3/28/2008 @1:17:21 PM •
What you should do is take him out the mall for example.Then when he does something bad,correct him!

P.S.I hope this works!Good luck!
posted by Ginny on 3/28/2008
Sometimes people don't understand the things that you tell them -- they are more of a "figure it out for themselves" kind of person. That, you generally cannot help.
Try sitting down with him, explaining how you feel and how the choices you made were not correct.
How the outcomes could've been better -- or what bad things came out of it -- and how to avoid them.
Like I said -- sometimes people just have an "I'll figure it out myself" attitude -- but there's no harm in trying to prevent it.
Good luck Amy.
posted by j. (age 21) on 3/30/2008

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