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"getting ex back"
i am head over heels for my ex boyfriend. we had a great relationship. well at least to me. well these past 2 weeks he has been distancing himself and not calling me as much. i was always the one to call practically. then he went somewhere for 2 days and didn't call when he got home. i called and he had been home, but was "tired". he then said he didn't wanna be in a relationship & wanted space. he said he knows i love him and said he loves me too. he even said he would call the next day, but he didn't. well i have been so torn and broken from all this. he was my everything. i did everything for that boy, took him out, bought him things (he didn't have a job at the time), and just gave him unconditional love. i didn't smother him, i don't think, but i don't know what to do. it has been 4 days since we broke up and i want to call and get him back but i dont want to smother him. i just don't know what to do. how do i get him? how long should i wait until i call him?
posted by rebecca (age 19) on 3/28/2008 @6:42:19 PM •
First of all,if he said he was gonna call and didnt he kinds lied to you and lies dont work in any relationship.If he loved you of course he'd wanna be with you I mean if you love someone would it make sense to tell them you needed space.....uh no...but as much as I can say that I know how caring about someone is.If you love something,set it free if it comes back it your's and if doesnt it never was.Thats the truest thing I've ever heard.I'am living proof.Good Luck
posted by Mandy (age 19) on 3/28/2008
Well thats hard i have been there and you just haft to say if I truley love him I want him to be Happy.. What ever that means whether that includes me or not... Wait for him to call you if he wants to talk he will call you
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/7/2008

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