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"married with ex's"
I'am married with two children.I love my family.I love my husband he's wonderful but there's another very special person in my life.He was my first love and we were friends for 5yrs.It seemed he didnt want to have anything to do with me so I moved on with my life.Well it turns out my feelings for him never changed.I still hold a special place in my heart for him.My husband cant stand him but who can blame him.I'am so confused.
posted by Vicky (age 20) on 3/28/2008 @7:09:23 PM •
i know im 16 but my mom seemed to be in this situation one day. just let your husband know that he was your first love and that love never fades. and if he is understanding and if he listens to you speak then you know he cares. he's just worried of you leaving him for that guy. thats just the way guys are. we get all defensive and mad when deep down where scared. just reassure him.
posted by James (age 16) on 3/29/2008

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