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"should i or not?"
i like diss guy but he has a gf and he is mean and at the same time nice to me.... his girlfriend is my wiif3y but idk how to tell her dat i like him i want to stay as her friend at da same time... wut should i do?
posted by shut the f up on 3/29/2008 @3:01:30 PM •
If you know what is good for you you should let her have her man. Obviously he loves her not you so let it go. I understand that that hurts but that is the only thing you can do. It is not your call to say who he dates and who he doesn't and dont try to get yourself in the middle of them you will lose them both. If he wants you then thats kool but if they break up just cuz you want it it aint gonna last cuz you want it for all the wrong reasons
posted by Tiffany (age 18) on 3/29/2008
Although I doubt the liability of this story -- the best thing you should be interested in is not telling her that you like her boyfriend. If he's nice to you and mean to you at the same time -- then he sounds kind of iffy to begin with. It doesn't really sound like someone you should get involved with, honestly.
As far as staying her friend after you tell her your secret, I doubt she'll see it as "friend material".
Just choose your words carefully if you do decide to take that leap.
posted by j. (age 21) on 3/30/2008
the only thing i can say is move on and find someone else because if you dont you will lose a friend.Dont mess up someones relationship because to me that would seem desperate and you will lose their respect.
posted by girl who knows (age 19) on 3/30/2008
Listen you need to leave your wifey's man alone and find your own, the only reason y he is nice is he tryin to get some from you then deny anything. Leave it alone and dont say a word to your wifey.
posted by Deanna (age 21) on 4/9/2008

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