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"world of warcraft"
my boyfriend of 6 months has recently become addicted to world of warcraft, playing at times 10 hours a day and staying up all night. it's annoying because we live together and it's my computer that he's become attatched to. i don't want to be selfish and tell him to stop playing because he enjoys it so much. what do i do?
posted by k (age 19) on 3/29/2008 @5:08:07 PM •
Put a password on your computer that only you know...therefore he cannot get onto your computer unless you let him. this might upset him for a while but if he loves you then he will get over it he needs to grow up it sounds like. YOu could also try sitting down with him and explainin to him how it makes you feel when he is constantly on the computer, be nice about it tho and dont talk about it at the wrong time...make sure you are both relaxed and dont say we need to talk they hate that i have learned quickly. If he loves you he will understand.
posted by Tiffany (age 18) on 3/29/2008
OK first off playing world of warcraft 10 hours a day is just rediculous. I like games too but damn that is just sad. If he wants to play that much then when you are ready to go to bed just fall asleep. When he finally understands that you are no longer waiting up for him then he might think about stopping to spend time with his lady. You aren't being selfish at all. If any of my friends guys or girls were to live with me and play 10 hours of games a day I would have to explain myself pretty quick. Maybe ask him to cut down on the playing time and mention in there the whole 10 hours of playing. I think things will be alright. E-mail me if you want to.
posted by Cory (age 20) on 3/29/2008
My advice would be to sit down with him and explain to him how it is you feel about your relationship and his relationship with that game. See if you can sit and work up something like a schedule. Such and such could be separate alone times -- where you can do with whatever you wish [ie: he could play WoW] -- which is a very addictive game. Then set aside time for the two of you.
If that doesn't work -- then don't worry about hurting his feelings, sweetheart.
posted by j. (age 21) on 3/30/2008
My boyfriend got addicted to a war strategy game, played it for hours after he got home from work and it does get extremely annoying. My advice to you is that just whine about him being on it for so long, and pester him, make rules on how long he can stay on it and set a timer to the internet where it shuts him down and can't get back on until the next day (But You Must tell him about the Timer because if you don't he'll get pretty upset about that). Usually when it comes to those games, they kind of tire themselves out of it. and start playing it now and then.
posted by Autumn (age 19) on 4/8/2008
i know this is going to sound evil and may cause him to flip. unplug the computer when he is not around it and move it somewhere he cant find it. Or liek the others say put an impossible password on your computer when he is not on it and when he wants the password just tell him you forogt it and you dont need help figuring it out... because it will come to you sometime.
posted by Sarah (age 20) on 4/9/2008

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