relationship advice (post new situation)
"im emotionally lost."
me and my ex g/f dated for 6 months. we lost our virginity to each other and all that and she randomly one day left me. there wasnt another guy or anything. just left. and now im emotionally cut off from everything. but she wants me back and i want her back but im so emotionally thrown off from everything that i cant do it. i cry everynight b/c i feel lost and no one is here to help.
posted by James (age 16) on 3/29/2008 @9:59:52 PM •
OMG you're a baby!! You're soo young. Baby you gotta slowww down. You're only 16. You can't get soo attatched. Girls are ****es...we'll break your heart. If she didn't give you a reason why she left...there's no need to take her back. Who's to say she wont do it again?
posted by Michelle (age 18) on 4/1/2008
wow your situation is messed up!
I'm going to let you on a little secrete, teenage girls don't know what they want! when i was 16 i had a bf every other week almost! (no i wasn't sleeping with them) but thats besides the point. don't get back with her, bc she might be emotionally unavailable also. it all has to do with hormones, and teenage girls go through a faze in their life when they just want to have fun. you do not want to be the rebounder. so go have fun, but before you jump into another relationship, GET CLOSURE!
but I'm not saying go have sex to forget your ex! your only 16, you don't need to have a soul mate right now. you have your life to find that special someone. get closure and then move on. good luck!
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 4/1/2008
OH wow that sucks sweetheart you know as much as you want to get bakc together with her anyone worth your time wont leave you (or at least without a REALY good explanation) If you EVER need to talk please feel free to email me i have been through ALLOT and i am am ussualy good at seeing the facts and giving at least good advice
posted by Michelle R. (age 20) on 4/7/2008
Oh my Email is ****
posted by Michelle R (age 20) on 4/9/2008
First, I would like to say that your emotions are something to take care of. You should really look into fixing yourself and taking time to repair. If you go back to this girl, she could very well send you into another emotional spiral. It would be best to step out of it while you still can. Try finding things that you like to do, and find yourself. If you can stand strong, and you still want her afterwards, then maybe you can go back to the relationship. Yet, I still feel that you need to sit down and have a long conversation with her.
posted by Amber (age 20) on 4/9/2008

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