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"I don't know what to do!"
My friend is going out with my ex. Thats fine with me, thats not what im worried about. But me and him were talking the oter day, and he brought up that all he wanted to do was have sex with her. then he started saying he wanted me back and that he still louves me..What do i do>?
posted by Becky on 12/20/2007 @5:16:00 AM •
Best thing to do is stay out of it. I know she is your friend, but you run the risk of hurting the relationship with your girlfriend, and you may look like your jealous. As far as he goes, hes your ex for a reason, and two, he sounds like a bad guy telling you that he is just wants to have sex with her but that he is wanting you back. Thats the way to get you back. Whatever! Its up to you what you do, but me personally, I would run!
posted by Jay on 12/20/2007
He is clearly not a decent guy.... why would he be meddling with your best friend if he honestly cared about you? If he was an honest, good guy, he would not be doing that. Secondly, ther will always now be this terrible foundatiion for any future relationship between you two.. bc you know he has bene with your friends, and also if he breaks up with your friend for you, she will sort of spite your relationship too, if you know what i mean. It's just not a good scene! As the person who posted said.. I would run! Or at least just kind of wish them well and keep your distance. In the case that you truly are meant to be together, let him take his time and really earn you back. You should both enter back extremely months later.... and only months after he's finished with your gf. Onyl thing is that if u get back together with him and you plan to stay with him, it will prbaby have repercussions on your relationship with your girlf friend. I dunno.. it sounds bad to me. I wouldt go for him. You are probably just pining for him and feeling lonely and realise he's avaiable and so want him. I don;t mean to trivialise your relationship... but definitey take many steps back and think long and hard about a guy meddling between 2 girls who are best friends... its not the most decent guy.....
posted by girl on 12/22/2007

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