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"how do you tell.."
i love this guy && he knows it...he told me he loves me too--i know we both meant it. but the thing is i don't know how to tell him that i've had sex with another guy. he is still a virgin && bc of that i sometimes wish i was. i don't usually tell ppl about the whole thing but i feel like i should tell him, i don't even know. the thought of the whole thing has been making me sick, someone please help.
posted by Annie on 3/29/2008 @10:07:56 PM •
Love is a strong word and if he loves you he won't hold that against you. Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly. You should feel most comfortable telling him what has gone on in your life. If telling him that you've had sex ruins your relationship then it wasn't meant to me. Mine was ruined over 3 stupid text messages. It would be best to just have alone time where you know no one else has any chance of bothering either of you and just talk. Guys are more understanding sometimes than we're given credit for. If he truely loves you then he will understand that you live your own life and for him to be a part of yours he must take what you have done and put it in the past.
posted by Cory (age 20) on 3/29/2008
if u really love him u should just be honst about and if he loves u it shouldn't matter
posted by Eric (age 19) on 3/29/2008
The TRUTH will build a SOLID fondation for your relationship DONT LIE.
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/7/2008

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