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Me and my boyfriend are going to have sex soon, but I'm a virgin. However, he thinks I'm not. I can't tell him I'm not, but I'm scared it will hurt. Does your first time hurt?
posted by scared on 3/30/2008 @10:18:34 AM •
If you think you guys are mature enough to have sex, you guys should be truthful to one another. So maybe before you guys actually do it, you should come out clean and tell him. Sex is a pretty big step in a relationship. Maybe if he knows your a virgin he will take it slow, so it wont hurt much. Some guys go straight for it, then it hurts. But the pain is over quickly. :)
posted by Taryn (age 18) on 3/30/2008
it didn't for me or my best friend. good luck girlfriend and try telling him the truth so he can take it easy on you!
posted by Stephanie (age 19) on 3/30/2008
Hey to be honest i think you should let him know you're a virgin.If you are in love than he will understand.Just explain to him why you didnt want to tell him.But about the whole first time thing it can hurt or maybe it wont.Some people are different.
posted by jayme (age 18) on 3/30/2008
Wow! So first, you have to think, do you really want to lose your virginity to him. If you do, then you should tell him that your still a virgin. He deserves to know. He'll understand.
posted by Tracie (age 16) on 3/31/2008
it didn't hurt when it was my first time. i was 18, and i thought it wasn't a really big deal like everyone said it was. but YES you should tell him how you feel and that you still are. if he's a good guy then he should be easy. i have no idea how old ya'll are, but there is a lot of pressure. be safe and make sure ya'll feel the same way about each other.
I'm not encouraging you to have sex but I'm not judging either. so think long and hard about it. don't be scared, and don't let anyone pressure you, you don't want to end up doing something that you didn't want to do to begin with. you'll always remember your first
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 3/31/2008

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