family advice (post new situation)
"Should i stay or should i go?"
Ive gotten alot of BS from my family for the past 13 years. Recently its just gotten worse and the past 3 years theres no respect for each other. So after i get settled on base and on my own would it be right to just go away and never return? Id really miss my little brother and older sister but thats about it. I want to keep in contact with him and my sister but no one else.
posted by Lauren (age 19) on 3/30/2008 @1:43:11 PM •
well Lauren i would not stop talking to them at all i would still talk to the family because your family is the world they are all you got i know that it can be a pain sometimes but you just need to say hey to them that im a growen girl and that i just want to grow up andd not have you telling me things and that i would love if we could just talk and not fight all the time and that you love them a lot and that you are going to be there for them no matter how much you fight and that you will love them Because if you stop talking to them and when they Die you will fell very bad and want them and you will sya i wish that i wouldd have talked to them and did all that i could for them
posted by mike on 3/30/2008
hey lauren,
I can tell you this, my family is breaking up to and i have over 200 family members and half of them hate each other so i know what you are going through... Its your decision that if you wanna leave thats tottaly up to you but at least keep the people that do mean something to you close noone can stop you from making your own descision trust me after my mom died the family usually meets together to eat but now only like 5 show up so the family falling apart thing is only a set back but keep in touch w/ the ones who care im sorry if this advice dont help its my firs time....
posted by destiny (age 19) on 3/31/2008
family is a pain **** but we only ever get one and they do love us they just dofnt know how to show it. and they put alot of **** on their kids but we gotta try our hardest to get through it. try talking to them telling them how you feel and what you want. if that doesnt work then maybe moving out is the best thing but you still should keep in contact with them you will miss them down the line and when your not living under the same roof your relationship will be alot better because your not seeing them as often you dont cop it all and you get to be independant but still have your family i had to make the same decision 5 years ago but i never spoke to them and now its too late

sorry if this advice is no good its my first time
posted by mel (age 18) on 3/31/2008

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