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i am an 18 year old girl and i am scared to tell my mother that i am bisexual please help
posted by erica on 3/30/2008 @3:31:34 PM •
this is a tough one telling my dad was the hardest thing possible. you need to drop the bomb on her slowly its a big thing for a parent to hear shes going to be shocked she might be distant like my dad but thats just shock she will be back to normal or if you have a hippie mom shell be back to normal in a millisecond
posted by mirabella (age 18) on 3/31/2008
I can somewhat relate.
Im 17 years old and Im also bisexual.
I told my mom about it a year ago.
She was completely fine with it and very accepting.

You should have nothing to be afraid of. She is your mother. And a mother should always love their child and accept them for who they are no matter what.
You are who you are and you can't change that. And if people can't accept that your bisexual, then thats their own problem. Not yours. But like I said I'm sure your mother will understand. Your her daughter.
Many say the greatest love on earth is a mother's love for her child.

So once again there's nothing to be afraid of. No need to hide who you really are. Because those who truly love you and care for you, will support you through everything. And those who can't accept it, never really mattered anyway.

Good Luck With Everything!

posted by Chrissy (age 17) on 4/1/2008
Well, honestly it's none of her business since you're of legal age. If you want to tell her, feel her out by asking some general questions or commenting on that type of situation when it comes on tv.

Good luck and That's What The Survey Says!
posted by Survey Says (age 19) on 4/3/2008

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