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"nose stud"
i recently got my nose pierced and i hadnt quite told my mom about it. im 17 years old, ive gotten it done before when i was in eighth grade but my mom made me take it out. i now live with my dad. so, i used (i pireced it myself) a starter earring. it was kind of big and i was afraid to change it so soon. i thought id have time to change this massive rock on my nostril before i saw my mom to make it look more innocent and cute.
she shows up to my work and i turn to smile at her. she sees the bling in my nose and drops her jaw. no words come out at first. then she said "you promised me you wouldnt".
i had totally forgotten this promise.
i feel so bad. i really want my nose pierced but she was so mad that she just walked away and i called after her and she just walked away!
she could have at least yelled at me. anything is better than her silence.
so what do i do? keep the piercing? take it out? convince her that it is kinda cute after all? and how would i even do that?
thanks for listening.
posted by Angela on 12/20/2007 @10:27:00 PM •
oh man - the silent treatment is the worst! i'm not sure how you could convince her that it's cute, especially since she didn't want you to have it in the first place... i guess what i'd consider is the importance of having the stud. if it's important enough to upset your mom for awhile, maybe a long while, keep it. but... if it's just about being cute... maybe it's not worth it. sometimes, if drama is being caused by something that's not really very important to me, i'd rather avoid it entirely...
posted by james on 12/23/2007

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