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ive got this girl friend whoe i love but i almost broke up with her today i don't know what to do because i dont want to hurt her feelings .by breaking up with her how can i break up with her with out herting her?
posted by andrew (age 20) on 3/30/2008 @7:40:04 PM •
ok so you "love" her but you want to break up with her. so either shes hurt you so it shouldnt really matter if you hurt her. or you dont "love" her but you want out of a relationship. which ever it is im sure its still gonna hurt her. trust me.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 3/31/2008
how long have you guys been dating and what kind of girl is she like and what are her friends like? i need to know these answers so i can give the right advice. and how old is she???
posted by jason (age 23) on 3/31/2008
If you love her...why do you want to break up with her? If you gotta leave her, you gotta do it. Us women act like we are so fragile, and we are at times...but we can hold our own ya know...Just be honest with yourself, and be honest with her. You cant live your life trying to make everyone else happy. You wont end up happy in the end. Let her know you care about her...you just can't be in a relationship anymore.
posted by Michelle (age 18) on 3/31/2008
you just need to tell her your true feelings that you do not want to be with her anymore. if you hold it off for too long thats just more time for her to like/love you more than she already does then when you finally do tell her, it will hurt her more!
posted by zoe (age 20) on 4/1/2008
Thats not really going to happen the truth is its going to hurt her the question is how much? Be completly honest and tell her the reason why and dont give her a bad excuse. Also the worse thing you can do is say lets stay friends IF you dont intend to be a good friend
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/7/2008

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