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"over it??"
Ok so I dated this guy for a year and a half.Was totally wrong and he treated me like crap.Well of course I fell for him.He was my first love.It's been over a year now,and i cannot seem to get over the past and find a new boyfriend?I've dated,but I can't seem to get close to someone for fear of the past??What do you think I should do?
posted by Megan (age 21) on 3/31/2008 @9:12:33 AM •
Well i dated a girl for a year and a half and she treated me like crap towards the end of the relationship. After we broke up i thought it would be hard to go find someone else too. My friends were always there for me to cheer me up, but at the end of the day i was still scared about being hurt again. I've been talking to this girl for about a month and she makes me feel so special and loved. I just woke up one morning and said **** it im gunna let my guard down and now im happy again and have confidence and am not scared. Hope i helped. Let me know if you wanna talk. Email me at ncv2007~AT~****
posted by Nick on 3/31/2008
Ive been there too. And i thought id never be able to move on. but honestly i dont think its you. You just have to find a guy worth falling for again. one thats good for you and good to you. give it time. live up the single life a little bit. and mostly stop looking. it will find you.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 3/31/2008
i went through the same thing with my first serious relationship because i felt like i wouldnt be able to fall in love again for fear of getting hurt , but you just have to have fun. if your not ready yet, you dont have to be. love is about just putting yourself out there. it's scary because you dont know what to expect, but give yourself time to get to know someone before jumping into a relationship with them to see if theyre right for you. i know it's hard because your scared to get hurt, but next time around you'll know what to expect. make sure you put yourself first. because your feelings should come before anyone elses. good luck. if you need to ask anything else just email me. :)
posted by chelsea (age 18) on 3/31/2008
yeah i was the same way at first with my first love. its weird, you can never forget your first! lets see... as the time went by, he just faded away. i wanted him back but he treated me really badly. one day i woke up, and got my hair, nails, even a pedicure and got a new outfit, and BAM, i was back into the dating scene. when i was with CJ he brought my confidence and self esteem down, i mean real low. Megan, stop dwelling in the past. there's a reason why he didnt make it to your future. yeah, you'll never forget him, but if you keep on thinking about him, then you'll start comparing him to your new dates, and thats just not healthy! move on and remember, not all men are like your first.
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 3/31/2008
hey hun.... listen im in the same pradicament as you i knew this guy since i was 10 we started seeing eachother again when i was 19 and we were going to get married then things went wrong and we broke up. ME and him are still trying to work things out he is so scared of being in love. my advice to you is that maybe its time you dress up throw a party and show him you are ok and that you can live without him thats going to make him want you again and treat you well because he saw that you can do it with out him and he will hold on to you like a portionlen doll. trust me hun you can always get a guys goat hehehehe. good luck sweetie
posted by Meagan (age 20) on 3/31/2008

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