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ok long story im going to try and shorten up. here it goes. ive been dating this guy almost two months. ive been working crazy hours. i worked 12 noghts straight last week. well he works with me and i will usually stay at his place or him at mine. the only time we really get is sleep because we work til around 2am (closing) we get up the next day and either he brings me home or he gets up and goes home. now my friends are mad because i havent spent anytime with them. but when ones still in school and the other works a day job how is this all on me? they accuse me of spending too much time with him and say that if i can find time with him then why not them? now to the kicker. i finally get two weekend nights off in a row (never happens) the day i tell them they are excited and say im theres i said ok and was excited to. couple days later one of them is talking to another mutal friend about me and i hear all of it so i confront her and we fight. after i made plans with the other to hangout and then they both switch on me and say they are hurt and because i was too busy for them they are gonna be too busy for me... being me i ignored it, but i really dont want a friendship to end but i DONT feel i did anything wrong. what do i do?
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 3/31/2008 @12:00:36 PM •
just because you confronted a friend about something that he/she said about you, does not make it your fault. it is theirs. true friends talk about how they feel with eachother, not behind eachothers backs. if you explain to them that it's not completely your fault that you've havent had the time to hang out and that work is hectic, they should be able to understand. you obviously tried to make time for them when you had a few days off, so it's not like you dont want to hang out with them. it's not your fault, but just try to get them to understand better. have a talk with them, and if they dont hear you out, then they arent really that great of friends anyway.
posted by chelsea (age 19) on 4/4/2008
I dont believe you did anything wrong. SO you work a lot thats good. Your getting your life together. I mean its hard for you to even make time for yourself. And just because you and your friends dont kick it all the time doesnt mean they arent your friends still......I mean if you all talk on the phone and your there for them when they need you then there should be no problem!
posted by liz (age 18) on 4/5/2008

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