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"running in a circle"
So my life is confusing. To start off, i'm a bisexual, if you have a problem with that then stop reading, i dont need your comments. I had a gf, but broke up with her because i liked a guy(john). Things were going amazing, and then we stopped talking, its been like 3 weeks. Last week i ran into my ex (jay), and we started talking/ texting a lot. I went to a concert with him, and things clicked. It was like we were dating again. But when i got home and cleared my head, i realized that i don't want to go back to him. Also that i still want to be with john, but and the same time my ex gf. I'm a hot mess!
I don't know who I want to be with, and when i tried to explain it to jay, he didn't really get it. He kept saying that he will wait for me. I kept telling him that i'm not worth waiting for. I need some serious help!!!!
posted by Tracie (age 16) on 3/31/2008 @3:46:25 PM •
this is why i prefer to stay single these days!
its important to think about
who treats you the best
who makes you feel best about yourself
who do you feel safe around
who gives you the biggest smile
who makes your heart skip a beat
who makes you zone out at school
who do you think about most
and most important
who do you wanna be holding when you go to sleep

the first person who came to mind after reading those questions
posted by mel (age 18) on 3/31/2008
Well, just decide who would treat you better in the long run. I would forget about that boy John. If all of a sudden he stopped talking to you he's moved on. Jay on the other hand seems interested in you. I mean you can't deny chemistry. And as for your girlfriend, I think maybe you should try and work things out with her. She was probably devistated when you broke up with her for some other guy.
posted by Whitney (age 17) on 3/31/2008
hey hun...
there is nothing wrong with being bi sexual be proud of it. You are going to be confused just being 16 you arent going to know what to do all the time. This is your time to experament and find out what sex you really want to be with. As for your ex jay sweetie they are called ex for a reason men think that women are there play toys and they can get them out of toy box when they really want to play with them they will put you away when they are done. keep focused on this jon guy and talk to him about your ex gf maybe you can have bolth you never know...... good luck tracie
posted by Meagan (age 20) on 3/31/2008

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