relationship advice (post new situation)
"What happend? Whered he go?"
Okay.. So i posted a craigslist ad.. and a few replied.. but one caught my eye! He was sooo sweet. So we were talking for a few days.. and then he called me a few times.. and he texted me. .and said the cutest things, and he has the cutest voice.. And then we made plans to hang out the next day.. Then when the next day came.. I didnt hear from him.. And i called him twice that day, and it went straight to voice mail.. And its now the NEXT next day.. and still no word.. Did i do something? I dont know what i should do..
posted by Stephanie (age 20) on 4/1/2008 @11:17:55 AM •
he probably got scared, dont call him again just wait. he will contact you eventually.
posted by S on 4/1/2008

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