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"he changed"
my boyfriend and i have been together for three years. two years before he moved away and a year after he moved away. my boyfriend recently moved away to play a sport in a different town. when he is away he talks to me all the time and wants me to come visit him. when i do its amazing and feels like we are the same people that we were when we were younger. Now when he comes home he ignores me and says that he needs to spend time with his friends. he only comes over for a short time and then leaves because his friends want him to come out. All of his friends have cheated on their girl friends, and i dont know what he is doing when he says he is "out with the guys". Should i end things? its getting to be a little too much drama.
posted by shelina on 12/21/2007 @11:13:29 PM •
well... if you're considering ending things, it must be pretty rough... if you just look at the facts, and only at the facts, it sounds like his friends are more important to him than you are. and that's probably how it makes you feel - unimportant. i think i'd tell him how his behavior makes you feel and take it from there. it's possible that he has no idea he's hurting your feelings, and a good conversation may fix everything. if it doesn't help, you might be right: it may be time to move on...
posted by james on 12/23/2007

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