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"my friends"
my friends mom was sick for a while she was dying from cancer and the way he handled it was by keeping locked away. well last night his mom died and im worried about him tweaking out and doing something stupid as his friends what all can we do to help him now.
posted by cory (age 20) on 4/1/2008 @11:26:32 AM •
Cory, there's not too much you can do but just keep an eye on him as much as possible and also let him know that you're there to talk to and you care..

Its difficult to go through, and it never gets easier.

I wish you luck, but yeah.

Really not too much you can do, just be a friend.

And if he looks to be headed down a dark road, get him help.

He'll hate you for it then, but he'll be glad for it later.
posted by Brittany (age 13) on 4/1/2008
Oops, I put 13 for my age and I meant to put 18.


I'm really 18, promise! ><;
posted by Brittany on 4/1/2008
gosh that's sad.
i bet the thing to do here is just let him grieve, but of course always keep that careful eye out for him. maybe locking himself away is his way of dealing with it, but you're right to worry.
i guess it's just his natural way of coming to terms with it, and im sure with a bit of time, and support he'll come to accept it.
also even if he wants to be left alone, make sure he still knows you're there, even at three in the morning he can still call you if he wants to talk. just make sure he knows that, always keep that eye open for him (but dont make it look like you're spying 24/7 !) and just make it clear you're there, and if he needs to talk you always will be.
best of luck, and deep condolences. :] xx
posted by megan on 4/1/2008
take every chance you can to invite him to group events where there will be conversations that will take his mind off of it. try to make him feel loved and included with you and your friends. surround him with people that love and care about him so that he knows that there are people that can help him get through this.
posted by stef on 4/1/2008
I would just pray for him & be there for him because theres not much else we can do for people that has just lost someone they hold so dear the best thing to be is the ears instead of the mouth.
posted by Kristi (age 19) on 4/1/2008
i think the best thing to do is just let your friend know that you care and that you are always there to talk to explain to him that shes not suffering anymore and that shes in a better place, i had a hard loss in my life and i spent years mourning over it, just explain to him that she doesnt want him to waste his life mourning over her passing, tell him its ok to miss her but to not let the pain run his life, explain to him that she would want him happy and to go on with his life
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/1/2008

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