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i am 19 yrs old and engaged to a 34 yr old male, we have been together for a year and 4 months, i cheated on him 5 months ago with my bestfriends fiancee, told him the truth about it 2 months later, my friend just found out it was with her fiancee but refuses to believe that it happened she is convinced that i made it up and he is the one telling her that i made it up, my fiancee told me not to come running to him when it blows up in my face, i want to tell him that none of this would have happened if me and him just were more intimate than what we have but i dont wanna hurt him, but ya so all is forgiven but still me and my fiancee still arent intimate and ive only been intimate with my fiancee once and the other guy once, so ya its kinda tempting to do it again but i could never do that to him again, alot of people say he treats me like crap and that i diserve better but i just really dont want better, i love him, i hardly get to see him but when i do get to see him its the best thing in the world, my family and friends hate him, it kills me every time they talk about him, what should i do
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/1/2008 @9:00:18 PM •
i would suggest asking yourself why all of your friends and family hates him. if everyone doesnt like him, dont you think that something may be wrong? sometimes love makes you look past all the bad aspects of a relationship. you really have to look at your relationship as a whole and think with your head , not your heart. i know its hard because im guessing you've been together a while? ive been in the situation where you second guess yourself, but stay with the person cause you love them and couldnt imagine what it would be like without them. but sometimes you have to realize that things just arent right. and about the intimacy: you just need to talk to him about it. ask him why? because i find that somewhat weird that you're planning to get married and have only been inimate once. hm. well if you have any other questions you can email mee. hope i helped!
posted by chelsea on 4/3/2008

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