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"one night stand"
I had a two-night stand with someone, and I would have kept it at that had he not said he would call me. That was a week ago. He travels a lot, and he hasn't been in town lately... but... well?
posted by A (age 22) on 4/2/2008 @8:17:27 AM •
And? girl you need to give out more info.
i had a few one-night stands myself, but i left it like that. if its a one-night stand...then its a one-night stand. but i cant really give u any advice because i married my one-night stand! lol I'm just trying to make you feel better!
anyways, I'm pretty sure if he's back in town you'll be the first to know unless if ya'll just met. so... wait. or go out and enjoy your self. if you think its going to be more than a one-night stand, then you call him, guys like a girl with confidence! but not a lot. you don't want to seem desperate. if you don't have his number, then, wait.

i don't know what else to say, because you didn't give out any details.
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 4/2/2008

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