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"Girlfriend of an Inmate"
Ok so, I just stared this relationship with my NEW boyfriend right. 3 weeks of bliss and the most happyness I've ever experenced EVER. Well then this is were it went all down the drain. He had a court date to attend and lazy ass me slept all damn day and didn't get to spend ne time with him b4 he left. He said "I'll be back baby" gave me a kiss and left. 5mins later i realized that kiss was more like a "long goodbye" kiss. Thats when I started to worrie. I waited 4hrs....he never came back. I got a call an hour after that hoping it was him and it wasn't. It was a call from county jail saying that my bf has been conviced..... for what I can't say but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Its been 3weeks since, Im distrout, confused, and mad at the same time. seeing him through the camera breaks my heart. I miss him so....every moment. Please help me mend my brused heart.....
posted by Adrienne (age 20) on 4/2/2008 @12:52:39 PM •
Honey, i feel your pain! My boyfriend of 3 years is in jail, anf has been for the past 5 months. i am actually viewing this site to GET advice on what i should do, so truthfully.... it don't get better as time goes on. What i think you should do is this. sit down and really think about how much you really care for him, and if you think he is worth it. if you feel he is, then make the best of things. write as much as possible, and (if you can) talk on the phone as much as possible (financially) and visit him. it isnt all that bad. the downside of this is that you do get lonely. you might miss the physical comfort of a man, i know i do. however, if he is worth it, then you will not regret one ounce of effort you will put in. now, if you are unsure whether or not he is worth it, but would like to try when he gets out, let him know. you can be there for him, like write to him and keep in touch, but let him know your going to live your life while hes on the inside! when he gets out, take things from there. Otherwise, if you feel he isnt worth it, let him down easy through a letter. from experience, it is easier to let someone know how you really feel from the beginning rather than feeling bad & acting like everything is ok for as long as possible! you have to think ab9ut yourself here. you are a young girl and have your whole life ahead of you. you 2 have been together for a very short 3 weeks (well, 6 now). but, in any case you must decide how much of you is this guy worth. i know my man is wort everything i got so i stick to it and be there for him as much as i can... it isnt all that bad. rite now i miss him and am having trouble being w/out him, but i keep telling myself that eventually it will all be over. another hing is you have to think about how long he wil be there. if it is for a few months, then no sweat. it will be over before you know it. if it is afew years, that will be harder. but remember, put yourself first! if you break it off with him, you might regret it in the long run and on the other hand you mite decide to stay with him and when he gets outta there u realize he aint the 1 for you, so really think about it before you make a decision my opinion would be to tell him you will be there for him, but also live your life. this way here in case someone else comes along, you have no ties. but like i said, this is just an opinion. i hope this advise helped you at least a little bit!!!!! good luck with all of this :)
posted by Karrisa (age 21) on 4/2/2008

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