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"moving to fast "
me and my boyfriend have been going out for a month and a half but we have already talked about moving in together i really have fallen for him but im just scared do whirlwind relationships last?
posted by nina (age 18) on 4/2/2008 @2:10:45 PM •
me and my boyfriend were only dating for about id say 14 days before he moved in and were still together going on 4 months. granted we fight all the time. but its worth it.
posted by Lindsey (age 18) on 4/2/2008
I don't think it's a good idea to move in yet. Generally, in the beginning of a relationship, everything goes smoothly and perfectly and you're completely caught up. But in the 3 or 4th month everyone goes through problems. I think you should make sure you'll not only be love each other in the good time (like now), but also in the bad times too. I'd wait at least 4 months.
posted by Audrey (age 17) on 4/2/2008
I didn't move in with my boyfriend untill 2 1/2 years after we were together. I'm not going to say no but just be careful. What you feel now may change when yall move in together. Don't do anything that you might regreat. It's your call but don't get smoothed talked into moving to fast. Stay with your morals and if yall dont move in then it shouldn't matter, and if it does then maybe its not right. I love my fiancee and I was ok with moving in together but he had to move to me. My family is racist and they found out and I honestly had no contact with him for awhile. It was horible and I felt like our love was to much to let go and I knew I wouldn't let that happen. I also knew we would be together a very long time. Be careful and think it thru.!! Good luck and if yall are serious I'm glad you found someone!
posted by Jaqui (age 19) on 4/2/2008
i would say to take it a little bit slower. try to give it a few more months just make sure of how you feel rather than just trusting your instincts. i mean what happens if a month from now you dont wana live there anymore? where would you go.?
posted by Joani (age 18) on 4/2/2008
Hey Nina, I dont think you should give it some time. my boyfriend and i havnt moved into gether yet and we have been together for almost a year now. just give it time your 18 you have all the time in the world
posted by Charlene (age 18) on 4/2/2008
Hey Nina, you must really love this guy to want to move in with him after 1 month. But give it some time cause a few people change after you live with them for awhile. Love fades so don't move too fast, just let it go slow and enjoy the ride. =)
posted by Kevin (age 18) on 4/2/2008
I wouldn't move in with each other quite yet. Statistics show that relationships last longer between couples who don't move in together before marriage (and I'm guessing that's a long way off). And when you start living together, you start noticing little things that really get on your nerves, and eventually, your relationship will probably begin to gradually fall apart. I'm not trying to sound negatives because I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but it's better to keep things sort of slow.
posted by Molly (age 18) on 4/2/2008
Me and my as of now ex-boyfriend, who is also 17 years older than me, started living together when we first met...we lived together for a year and have been broke up for 6 months...and I just gave birth to our daugther 6 weeks ago...he saw her the day after she was born and hasn't seen her since...every relationship is two might be able to make it...just be careful and take precautions because when you get pregnant in a relationship things change and so do people.
posted by ashley (age 20) on 4/2/2008
I wouldn't move in yet. The first sign that there most likely WILL be a problem is that you are already doubting it. When you are ready you will know and be completely positive. =]

I have been in a relationship for 6 1/2 yrs now and that is the MOST important thing I have learned.
posted by Courtney on 4/2/2008
i know what you are going though. me and my girlfriend are going thought the same thing... plus more. i wish i could help you with this but i know that my girlfriend and i would love to move into gether but we are young....she is even younger then me. she is 16 and i am 19....that is another story but i say if you think it is right do it. but just dont leave your self hanging out in the open.
posted by joe (age 19) on 4/2/2008
dont do it i dated this kid for 2 and a half years and we thought we were ment for eachother then i moved in with him and it messed up our whole relationship we fought all the time or we dident speek then one day we got into a big fight i moved out and now we dont even speek to eachother dont live with a guy till your maryed once u move intogeth his true colors will show
posted by amanda on 4/2/2008
hey, wow thats really fast! but i cant really say anything lol. me and my hubby were dating for 3 months and then we moved in together. see I've known Charlie (my husband) since i was 15 but we started dating when i was 18. i actually knew him. now we are married!
go with what you think is best, but wait awhile. your still young! if you know for a fact you could be independent if ya'll break up, then go for it. keep a hidden savings account, thats what i did. just think on how this will affect your life. if you guys are financially, mentally, and emotionally stable then yeah. if you both want to settle down and are both mature enough, then yeah! go with your instincts, but wait awhile.
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 4/2/2008
dont do it a year ago i was 17 n i met this guy who seemed o so wonderful we dated for less than a month moved in together and it fell apart quickly take it slow find out about each other...all the little quirks that you each have then decide in about a year if it will work out
you cant rush a relationship thats the best way to ruin it!!!!
posted by elyssa (age 18) on 4/2/2008
i don't know you or anything so i can't really judge how well you get along with him and all but i've been with my boyfriend sense 2005 and i still don't know all his mannerisims. i'd wait a while to make sure that he won't drive you completly nuts. like if he snores or leaves the seat up or has any other habits that being a guy he probably will never break. your only 18 don't rush into it give it a little while. i know when your in love that's the only thing you want is to be with them but it does dull out after a while and you want to know that even if it does dull out you'll still be able to live with him.
posted by Darcie (age 18) on 4/2/2008
Hi Nina,
I am gonna be quite honest,I do not think it is a good idea to move in with him at this point in yall's relationship for 2 reasons do not know him enough to move in with him 2.its gonna be very WEIRD because there are things you do not know about him and vise versa things that you need to get use to before moving in with him...please take my advice if you want this to last WAIT AWHILE!
posted by Kristi (age 19) on 4/3/2008
Yeah it can work for sure, my boyfriend and I moved in together the day we started dating lol (long story) anyway that was a year ago now and we still live together happily. It can be hard at times, but the best thing I can say is give him space.
posted by Stephanie (age 21) on 4/7/2008

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