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i have a boyfriend who has a little boy who is 5 months old. i have known my boyfriend since we were little and we are now back together. i am 18 and he is 19. i really love him alot and we have plans to get married. im really getting frustrated with all her baby mama drama. shes 21 years old but is soo immature. he ALWAYS sticks up for her and it is getting on my nerves! i know she is his babys mama but he doesnt always have to take her side..HELP! i dont know how to get rid of her drama!
posted by Sydney (age 18) on 4/2/2008 @5:54:06 PM •
in a way, her drama is never going to go away. it's all a matter of how you will deal with it. i think you should talk to your boyfriend, let him know some of your concerns. It is common that he will side with her, but he needs to back you up every once in a while if he wants everyone to be happy. and remember, he's with you now, and her drama needs to stay what it is - ALL HERS.
posted by jen (age 21) on 4/2/2008
your to young to be a stepmom.
but if you really like this guy then sit down and talk to him. or sit down and talk with her.

when i was 17 i dated this guy who was 21 and he had a 3 yr old. so... of course there will always be baby mama drama. but it turned out they were still feeling each other and got back together. but not all people are the same.
now I'm married, and my husband is 27. (yes a major age difference) lol... and he has a 7 yr old! he never gets to see her. she just ran off. he hasn't seen her since she was 3! i know for a fact when we get her, then I'll have drama. but believe me, i will sit down and have a few words with her!

so talk with him and her! if that doest work, then make him choose between you or his ex. But.. do NOT.. i repeat DO NOT make him choose between you and the kid. no matter what, the kid should always come first.

why doesn't he try to get full custody of the baby? so then you wont have to put up with most of the drama

i hope all gets well, i hope i helped!
posted by jeanie (age 21) on 4/2/2008

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