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"pregnant and angry"
im 6 months pregnant with my second child in a year i am constantly fighting with my kids father and now that my sister moved in with us the fighting has gotten worse and she puts her 2 cents into our fights which makes it even worse i dont know what to do
posted by Darcie (age 18) on 4/2/2008 @6:23:55 PM •
i kno how u feel me and my daughters father are always fighting and my best friend moved in and its gotten worse, i got tired of it about a month ago and was lik we need to talk and we talked and got everything out there and then we moved to my bestfriend and we told her that she can have an opition but when were fighting we dont need it and it was a rule we set for her and she was told if she kept up she would have to leave and weve been fine sence then but u can try that or sumtin else its up to u
posted by april (age 20) on 4/2/2008

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