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"him or her?[bff or crush]?"
ok. my best friend and the guy i like got into an argument about God.
he is trying to force religon on my friend but its because he was brought up around pure catholics. and she doesnt understand it. now hes deleting IM bc of it. what should i do to keep the peace but still have both of them?
posted by confused&lookingfortheLord (age 14) on 4/2/2008 @6:55:32 PM •
Well I know what it feels like for a bff to choose their bf over me.. so don't pick and choose sides..
It's a touchy topic so just try to avoid it
posted by Courtney Duncan on 4/2/2008
I would just try and give each a little comfort.

Tell the one with the religon that its good for him to share what he's be brought up on but you're worried hes making your friend uncomfortable. And then tell your friend kind of the same thing; that its okay for her to get a little mad that it seems like hes forcing it on her, but he might just not understand how uncomfortable she's feeling.

>__> is that doesnt work then i'd would tell them both just to drop it and move on. o_o maybe telling them how you feel about this might help
posted by Kajo (age 18) on 4/4/2008
You boyfriend is right to be proud of his a beliefs, but your friend should be allowed to think what she wants. You should try telling him to respect her beliefs and make sure she respects his.
They both have a right to think what they want, but if you want to avoid arguments then just avoid the subject of religion whenever you're with both of them together.
posted by Jennie (age 15) on 4/8/2008
deff bff whos always there when you get dumped ur bff who dumps u the boy so if u and ur crush get together and he dumps u ur bff wont b there cuz u droped her for him
posted by jennavecia on 4/10/2008

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